About American Wire
and Cable Co., Inc.

For more than 68 years, AmWire has actively supported wire and cable requirements of local and multinational companies in the Philippines.

In these challenging times, the company’s strong commitment towards quality and timely service to its customers spurs AmWire to be a steadfast partner of essential industries in the country.

Organized in 1954 and incorporated in the Philippines in 1955, American Wire & Cable Co., Inc. is the pioneer in manufacturing wire and cable products at par with global standards in Quality, Safety, and Product Integrity.

AmWire founder Albert Awad envisioned this very first wire factory in the Philippines to locally manufacture electric wires to spread power throughout Manila and outlying small barrios.

Benchmarking its operations with international standards and employing competent Filipino experts, AmWire launched its full operations in 1956 and began integrating a series of product testing in its assembly line to ensure that each product passes the standards for quality, resilience, correct lengths and weights in its category. From its premium raw materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and reliable product testing protocols, AmWire wires and cables have consistently complied with local and international standards.

Its flagship brand Duraflex, which symbolizes the company’ commitment to quality, has remained the brand of choice for the safest and most reliable wires and cables for electrical transmission and construction projects.

Wire & Cable Updates

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Saving Cents on Wires & Cables? Choose Cost Effective Over Cheap!

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Not All Wires are the Same

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