Special Cables


Used as portable cable, emergency wire or inside building wiring
in circuits not exceeding 300 Volts (0.75 mm2 – 3.5 mm2)
and 600 Volts (5.5 mm2 – 30 mm2) respectively at maximum
temperature rating of 60°C. Normally used in areas where
high flexibility is required.

Two, three or four soft drawn bunched / ropelay copper
conductors. Available sizes are listed on the next page.

Individual conductor is extruded with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Lead
Free color coded (for circuit identification). This thermoplastic
is flame retardant and resistant to moisture.

Assembled multi-conductor cable is extruded with Black Polyvinyl
Chloride (PVC) Lead Free for final protective covering.

Please provide the following when ordering:
1. Quantity
2. Construction requirements

a. Size (AWG or MM)
b. Number of conductors
3. Specifications

Reference Specification:
PNS 163
UL 62
ICEA specification