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Frequently Asked Questions

4. What are to be considered in selecting wires and cables?

In selecting a wire, the following should be considered:

Installation - the area of installation whether indoor, underground, outdoor or aerial is critical in the choice of wire because the exposures to various elements may affect the performance and safety of the wire. This is where the characteristics of insulation play an important part.

Voltage Rating - determines the size of the conductor, and the thickness and type of insulation.

Conductor Size – the current load, KVA load, and kilowatt load are governed by voltage drop besides the heating and power factors. These must be known before the conductor size can be determined.

Ampacity Limitation – the maximum current a wire or cable can safely carry without exceeding the capacity of the insulation or jacketed material.

External Condition - the presence of other sources of heat located in the installation, such as pipes, corrosive agents, structural materials, and other cables can cause increase in the temperature of wire.