Not All Wires are the Same

Just about anyone can make cheap wire. It is easy to make it smaller in diameter, shorter in length; or use low cost scrap metal and low grade plastic.

The challenge is to not compromise on quality but still remain competitive. At American Wire & Cable Co. Inc., this is what we do.

Our THHN/THWN-2 wire has a higher temperature rating of 90°C in both dry and wet locations and delivers better performance with higher insulation level because we continue to use high grade PVC material as insulation.

Our Flexible Cords have a higher temperature rating of 75°C compared to other flexible cords by other wire and cable manufacturers w/c uses 60°C PVC material and as we use finer gauge strands for better flexibility.

Our Submersible Pump Cable have a higher temperature of 75°C and more flexible because we use finer gauge of strands and soft PE jacket.

Our Welding Cables offer superior performance because we comply with the specified standard sizes and number of wires in each cable that we manufacture.

Customers are assured that all American Wire & Cable products are made from premium quality raw materials and meet the standard wire sizes and correct lengths. We even put the weight of the wire in the boxes and labels to make it easier for customers to compare our products with other wire and cable products that are available in the market.

We keep this commitment to product integrity and quality so we can help our customers Protect their Family and their Business.

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