Saving Cents on Wires & Cables? Choose Cost Effective Over Cheap!

What is the truth behind cheap and cost-effective wires and cables? Any supplier or hardware store clerk can say that they are all the same. With cheap alternatives in the market, it is understandable that end-users will just save a few pesos and buy these, without being properly informed of the essential details that everyone needs to know.

Ordinary wire and cable manufacturers or construction traders will offer cheap wire by making it smaller or shorter. Cost can also be significantly lowered by using cheaper plastic or low grade metals. However, the repercussions are many and may pose unnecessary risks. Undersized or underweight wire products are not the good bargains they seem to be, and will not give anyone their money’s worth. It may turn out to be more expensive for an end-user when he receives shorter lengths of wires compared to what he ordered and paid for, or had to frequently replace the low quality and defective wires.

The raw materials used in manufacturing what is inside and outside your wires and cables significantly impact product performance, level of safety and longevity of use.

To attain 100% conductivity, American Wire & Cable uses 99.90% pure continuous cast copper rod and 61.4% conductivity prime EC-grade virgin continuous cast aluminum rod. Aside from raw material purity and conductivity, copper and aluminum materials are tested for tensile strength and elongation.

The insulation and jacketing materials of wire and cable products provide additional protective layers, so these should have high resistance against abrasion and impact.

This ideal combination of what is inside and what protects the conductors outside gives customers a highly cost-effective wire & cable product that delivers superior performance and higher levels of safety.

As an ISO-certified manufacturing company, American Wire & Cable Co, Inc. spares no expense to ensure that every single wire bearing the Duraflex name meets the most stringent quality standards and is guaranteed safe to meet the strictest requirements.

From its premium raw materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, and reliable product testing protocols, AmWire wires and cables have consistently complied with local and international standards from reputable quality-testing organizations to deliver cost and effective wire and cable products that stand the test of time. These cost-effective solutions will also guarantee to provide protection for your family and your business. To learn more about our wire and cable products, click here.

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